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Mirror Mirror # 3 Incoming Dragon…or is That a Rabbit?

Mirror Mirror # 3 Incoming Dragon...or is That a Rabbit?
Dragon Incoming...or is that a Rabbit? (ART)

Mirror Mirror #3 Incoming Dragon or is that a Rabbit…. is ART of course.
It’s the left 1/2 an actual sunset, reflected to the right on itself then the whole thing mirrored top and bottom very carefully. I thought the Rabbit on the top and the Penguin on the bottom created by the “totem Pole” effect right up the middle of doing this mirroring with certain images.

This is the third of this series I’ve recently posted but I have others dating back years that I will eventually get brought up to current standards and uploaded. Just a matter of time.

Location: Bliss Dinosaur Ranch, (1/4 of it), the rest came from my Mac workstation lol.