Frank Bliss Wildlife and Landscape Photography

Franklin Bliss

Howdy, I’m Franklin Bliss

thanks for stopping by. Real life on the ranch is beautiful. As you look through this site, we hope you’ll see nature, in all of its complexity and detailed layers of emotion.

I prioritize Wyoming authenticity while telling stories through the camera lens. Story and spontaneity over posed perfection produces the best photographs.

Two Bees
A Few Birds Gathering
You Think We Ought To Bail?
Very Cool Twilights
Big Horn Mountains
Two Inches of Rain
The Twilight Was Pretty
These Guys are Harder Than You Might Think
Tiny Pete the Windmill and the Storm
Bee On A Sunflower
Things I See Out In the Backcountry
I Knew There Would Be Rainbows
I Saw This Lighting While Driving Along
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My Journey

Grand Wyoming sunsets provide a unique opportunity to show off when you’re at your best. I feel very lucky you’ve stumbled upon my work, and I do hope you enjoy what I offer. Most of my work is not photoshopped but I certainly enjoy it as a tool.

Frank Bliss

The magic of photography fascinates me. When photographing a subject, story, moment, and emotion is clear and powerful. My favorite photos have a bit of mystery behind them, where the circumstances aren’t totally obvious and your imagination is left to fill in the story.