Frank Bliss Wildlife and Landscape Photography

Franklin Bliss

Greetings from the Bliss Dinosaur Ranch

I’m happy to have you stop by, please cruise around my images if you have the time.   I am a photorealist photographer with a tendency towards long narratives.  

I prioritize Wyoming/Montana authenticity while telling stories through the camera lens and with my pen.. Story and spontaneity over posed perfection produces the best photographs.  Simplicity over Complexity is preferred.  I finish 6 images a day, every day currently. 

Life in the Remote Backcountry of the borderlands is far removed from your everyday experiences and hopefully some of my images will touch your sould as you search for where we all came.  These remote highlands are indeed gods country.  I’m there with a camera to record what he lets me experience.  If I can see it, I can get it’s image.   

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My Journey

I have done professional photo finishing for hundreds of other professional photographers in my work/travels  I am just now doing it for myself.  I’ve been working color images and cameras for 35 years but I primarily have focused on the finishing side and not as much on the actual photography till the last few years. 

Perspectives/Compositions of Landscapes and nature are my primary interest.  I am however an opportunist doing the diverse wildlife here in the borderlands as they run across my path. 

Photoshop is a tool for me.   I can’t even open a raw image without it. It is my job to bring out the image as my literal photographic memory for images recalls.   I dream, eat, sleep and generally shower with color scenes in my head like many have songs rolling around.   Its a similar thing for me.  I can literally feel a scene as I’m working it. 

Frank Bliss

The magic of photography fascinates me. When photographing a subject, story, moment, and emotion is clear and powerful. My favorite photos have a bit of mystery behind them, where the circumstances aren’t totally obvious and your imagination is left to fill in the story.   

My narratives will bring you along with your camera skills if you pay attention and bring out hidden secrets within and behind the photo.   It’s worth reading my narratives for the photo tips lol.    I  am a scientist/geologist/paleologist in my education and I throw a LOT of science into my discussions.  Enjoy the factoids. 

So while your here, sit back, enjoy my work, seach by category what you enjoy.  Welcome to the Bliss Dinosaur Ranch and surrounding area here in Wyotana.