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Sunrise Through the Knot Hole Mask (ART)

Sunrise Through the Knot Hole Mask (ART)
Sunrise Through the Knot Hole Mask (ART)

Good Sunday Morning from the Bliss DInosaur Ranch,
“Sunrise through the Knot Hole Mask” is indeed ART…. I captured the actual left 1/2 of the image as an image through a piece of driftwood with a very sensitive wide angle lens/camera combo. Then I started working on it in the digital darkroom. No additional light but what came through the knot hole was used. :). Then I mirrored it left to right and carefully merged the two images.

Best Full Screen for sure lolol.

It’s Halloween Art so feel free to share as you wish. Enjoy.

Took this down at our wetlands a few mornings ago. The Alpenglow was magnificent the whole morning and the sky was totally clear. THe effect on this remote lake was spectacular. I have at least three images from that lake that morning that I consider worthy. :).

At any rate, I’m expecting about another month of relatively easy access to this location…after that…. anyones guess but I’m predicting a long hard winter…. 🙁 This is a 60 x 30 inch image at high resolution :). 2:1 aspect.

Location: Bliss Dinosaur Ranch, Wyotana borderlands, north of Gillette Wyoming