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Crescent Moon During Sunrise

Crescent Moon During Sunrise
Crescent Moon During Sunrise

I haven’t posted a moon shot here for some time so I figure after posting a sun image at midnight last , I’d post this rare setting crescent moon during sunrise 

Windows like this seldom open in my experience. It was still dark as pitch with only star light. The moon was VERY dim though…… The camera picked it up somehow… 

I got a better shot tueday night than last which was a very abbreviated session due to clouds right on the horizon. (commonly the issue). 

Tuesday nights view was comparatively clear as a bell considering the moon’s light was passing through hundreds of miles of atmosphere so that only the orange/red light could make it, the edges are finely scalloped from the atmospheric lens. 

The ridge with the yucca is about 800 yards out and from my backyard… This is not a crop and is a full sized image. 1200mm lens and all that. Fills the frame in the camera not the computer… 43 meg jpg. 

🙂 📸📸

Update: I’m absolutely off schedule, overwhelmed with new programs to learn and am backed up with photos to finish to the tune of 900 images… (90 days of work normally). It’ll take another week to finish our web work. Then there is the ranch, 26 game trail cameras to tend to (what I did last night, I care for the greenhouse, the chickens, a corporation, gov’t registrations to renew. the day job, another fossil dig upcoming… Summer’s not over yet… (whine whine)…..

Yup, I’m retired: (that’s mispelled, supposed to be “more tired”. Until further notice I’m limiting my photo output to 5 finished images a day due to this slight uptick in my “to do” list daily. 🤣🤣 I’ll get faster… 

Everyone have a great day, and be safe in what you do… 

Location: Bliss Dinosaur Ranch. Wyoming/Montana borderlands.