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Spreading of the Sun

Spreading of the Sun
Spreading of the Sun

Good Wednesday Morning from the Bliss DInosaur Ranch…. 

“Spreading of the sun” 

Pretty dark in that timber that morning…. just shafts of light working their way in from the meadow to the east….. 

Images like this are silly are to find but they sure yell “take my photo” Divergent rays and all that…. Very wide angle lens….

Heck of a day yesterday… something like 80 good photos to work out out of a few thousand I clicked. Over30K images last month when past me for evaluation, only kept 300. 10 percent is pretty good. I rode in the passenger seat on the way to Gillette and back…… Had a long lens and a medium lens…. LOTs of interesting 70mph landscapes. 

I’ve definitely got to limit myself to 5 Posted images a day. I did NO forums yesterday at all. I got these done after midnight… I will miss more…. Apologies…