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Windmill Weekend and a Moon Sliver

Windmill Weekend and a Moon Sliver
Windmill Weekend and a Moon Sliver

Good Morning from the Bliss DInosaur Ranch. 

Over an hour past sunset last night….. 

Windmill Weekend and a Moon sliver. “Sneaky Pete” is trying to cut the cheese again….. Spinning blades and all…. That used to be a full moon and it look like “Sneaky” took a bite to me. I have no control over his actions but I’m sorry about changing the tides and the rotation of the earth…. 🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣

Distractions: ……

I’m going to have trouble this week with the launch of the website keeping my 10 image a day posting on going. I’ve got some things to learn that I have to do and a few things still to fix and then there is actually getting images up to the website thing…… It’s all very time consuming. 

I’m going to limit my “output daily here) to 5 image a day for the short term but immediate future…. 


Onward: ……

Technical Crap for this image: (Photographers notes normally but it’s 9am and I’ve been up since 4 busy Sunday Morning):.. 

The sunset at 7:40PM last night, the moon set at 275 degrees on the compass at 8:51….. This was taken more than an hour after sunset…. It was a tad dark with the 3.2 percent moon being the only source of light in this country. This is into what is known as “Astronomic Twilight (in order twilights…., Astronomic, Nautical, Civil, Sunrise and reverse for sunset). 

5 second time exposure. Any longer and the moon would have smeared….. This is a full sized image and should print wonderfully….. 

Location: Bliss DInosaur Ranch, Wyoming/Montana.