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Which Do You Like

Which Do You Like
Which Do You Like

Which Do You Like ? (A little soap box time).

Poll: Which Side do you prefer? Left or Right. I may change the way I do photography based on your answer…… Just saying.

Filed under “Education”, no insult meant to ANY artist as art get’s a free ride if so declared. SO… When an electric colorized image is presented as a Photo. I call foul. Disclosure in all things art versus photo.

One side of this image is photorealistic (what I try REALLY HARD to do investing years in my process), the other is…. well not photorealistic. This split screen is a CLASSIC example of the issue as I see it. Hold your hand up if you thought the left side is a real image. (go sit in the corner)….😜

I’ve seen various “Electric Blue Snow” photos lately on several forums… . (shaking head side to side and grimacing) . It totally drives me crazy that those images usually do quite well and are silly easy to do (ruin) on an otherwise good capture. I must be wasting my time trying to be a photorealist…..??

Artists make images electric. Photographers don’t. Perhaps I’m just Sharpening a pencil…. 👀😜

2 WAYS to “electric out” an image…. (make it art).

*Photographers, as a general practice, you should at least once for each photo session, set your “White Balance? (google this) to the appropriate setting (Shade/sun etc). Setting your White Bance (menu item in most cameras) to the sunny setting and taking picture of snow in shade will lead to really BLUE SNOW (Cyan Snow too). I’ve looked at this very carefully…. Blue Snow doesn’t actually exist in the real world 99.999 percent of the time. I’ve seen it like 3 times in 20 years with a colorcast in VERY early twilight.

I consider Blue snow USUALLY is either really omissive, bad technical photography or excessive color saturation control use in the digital darkroom. Usually these images I’m referring to are posted without comment. Often posted as actual photographs and as “an amazing” morning of electric blue snow/sky”. These images should NOT be presented as photography but as “Abstract heavily colorized art”. The left side of this image was done in the digital darkroom to the original image as I experienced the scene.

The skill that needs to be developed here is actually NOT to have blue snow in your image. . 🤔👀📷 Hey, I’m all for art. I just prefer artists that don’t claim their work is a photograph but it’s been tweeked beyond reality. How you get to reality is irrelevant as long as it’s real. A personal preference I suspect, you may feel different.

Gripe over. If you have blue snow problems and don’t want to be an electric blue landscape artist, PM me and I’ll help you work through it. I try hard to live in a blue snow free zone.

This image is NOT on my web gallery lolol…. Not For Sale I’m only posting this on my personal FB page on Facebook. Some other social media will get it too.

Admins let me know if you want me to run this past your forum.

Location: Bliss DInosaur Ranch (right side) and alternative universe (left side). Montana/Wyoming border (EXACTLY).

Title: Which Do You Like