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The Twilight Was Pretty

The Twilight Was Pretty
The Twilight Was Pretty

Good Wednesday Morning from the Bliss DInosaur Ranch. 

The twilight was pretty this AM but the sky was as clear and essentially the same sky leas last night, very humid, seen here with the BigHorn Mountains 130 miles away. Slightly accented by a Boys club walking the parallel ridge I was working. 

I will have more images like this over the fall as I figure where and when these guys walk to and from water holes and start focusing (literally and figuratively) on the big bucks..

I now know when and where this group walks from their pasture…. over this ridge, to water and back each evening anyway though I haven’t seen them in the morning do this yet. Amazingly right around sunset 🤔😲📸📸. 

10 minutes sooner I’d have had the sunset behind them. I’ll get 3 or 4 more opportuninities this summer yet.. 

🙂 Paying attention to how game moves has really helped find them..