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Keeping Water Tanks Open

Keeping Water Tanks Open
Keeping Water Tanks Open

Keeping Water Tanks Open is a constant battle in sub-zero weather (like here at -2F). Perspectives are fun aren’t they 📸.

We keep 4 or 5 big tanks open over around 4 square miles of ranch land open for business by a small but high pressure jet of water shooing across the surface to disrupt it. This works really well until you start getting sub 20 below and really windy which blows splatter about. I get some interesting ice sculptures that way.😝

I find both Mule and Whitetail deer that are used to drinking at a particular spot relying on that spot all summer, will not stay around without a water source. Lots of food up here but not so much running water in the winter. So everyone that needs it will stop by here and fall into the range of 3 or more game trail cameras lolol. I do get some good images near water tanks with out a doubt. Hope this gives you some ideas…

The hard part is getting the Flow just right lol. Too much and you splatter plus waste water. Too little and you get frozen over regardless. Like most things in life, you have to “tweek” and use your best “WAG” to set the flow rate. You just have to check and bring a good sized ball peen hammer to break away ice sculptures in the really windy cold weather. We get a lot of -20 wind chills most winters. I suspect this winter will be a rough one by all signs to date.

Location: Bliss DInosaur Ranch, Wyoming/Montana borderlands

Title: Keeping Water Tanks Open