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Dozen Deer Jumping Compilation

Dozen Deer Jumping Compilation
One Deer Herd Jumping a Fence Compilation

Dozen deer jumping compilation occurred in about 3 minutes by the timeline from march this year……… They weren’t panic’d as they took their time, waited patiently one at a time and walked away when all had cleared the obstacle. These same deer have seen my rigs all year and could care less if I was there as long as I stay in the vehicle lolol. They don’t like the human form much..🤔


I’m trying to decide who “Won” the height title here and I think the deer in the top image just right of center wins . The one to his left is likely to get a rash from that jump lolol.

It’s not often I see more than a few deer clearing a fence a dozen Deer Jumping Compilation was well deserved lolol.. I usually manage to get one or two of them in small groups but this was a unique opportunity. I was presented with good lighting, had a good position and gear which was up to the task at hand 📸📸 There is a mix of bucks and does in this group. Some youngsters too. I followed them day by day pretty much all last winter till they finally broke up into separate groups

This is a mixed herd with Bucks and Does both in the group. One of the bucks was indeed the leader and decided to move into the next pasture for the group. I simply came upon the scene just in time to stop and bring a long lens into play. This is very close to the Montana/Wyoming border…about 200 yards. Animals move relatively freely from field to field here. Usually heading from a pasture with water in it, to a pasture with good grazing in it. They find a weak point, a broken wire, an easy place to crosS. The closest place was about 1/4 mile down this fenceline. Thus that wise old buck decided to go for it there. The little/young deer suffered a lot of intimidation from this jump and a few barely cleared.

Location: Bliss DInosaur Ranch about 50 feet from the Montana/Wyoming border…

Dozen Deer Jumping Competition