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“Let the Games Begin” Sparring Between Friends

"Let the Games Begin"Sparring Between Friends
"Let the Games Begin"Sparring Between Friends

Here some friends that hang out all year together are sparring getting ready for the rut which will begin in earnest in November.
These are not huge bucks and need all the practice they can get lol Both Mule deer bucks have pristine ears (no notches and tears that the real warriors have on their ear from rutting years past. )
I know many bucks by their ears. I know this buck by his tendency to be a smaller 4×5 without the little kicker on his left horn. (left deer) named “Goal Post” and the other one as his side kick “Slow Boat”. We know each other and they understand I’m just another stinky noisy lumbering grazing animal as long as I stay in my vehicles. I get out and they are outta here lol. I’ve been within 20 feet of both of these wild animals in my vehicle with no apparent apprehension on their part as I start stop my car, move about a little, change angles and otherwise just graze like any other grazing critter. I’ve known these and quite a few other deer since they were fawns and they recognize my rig and only my rig as OK. I don’t know them all as we have our share of itinerant bucks moving through to change up the game now and then lol.

Have a great morning.

Location: Bliss DInosaur Ranch, Wyoming/Montana.