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Best Driveway Ever!

Best Driveway Ever!

This exceptional drive way is certainly one of if not the best ever lol. Hundred year old trees lining a groomed drive and grounds with three flags flying at the end of the visual tunnel. (you might need to zoom into see them so full screen). A zoomable ipad would be perfect…. An ideal entrance to an old restored ranch house well over 100 years old.

This was taken on the last day of fall on the way to Ucross Wyoming and eventually Sheridan on State 14/16. It’s all under snow today… (a week before this posts)…

That is a wonderful non-congested drive if you ever get the chance. Rural Wyoming at it’s finest with some awesome old ranches along the way each trying to outdo each other with the entrance. Great country here in the redoubt….

Location: Sheridan County Wyoming.