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Deer With Pronghorn Bookends

Deer With Pronghorn Bookends
Deer With Pronghorn Bookends

Deer With Pronghorn Bookends was a real deal…
Here two Pronghorn’s are literally “herding” these intimidated deer doe into a defensive pile.   I’ve never seen this behavior before but I did watch them for a few minutes.  The deer were not having fun and I think the Pronghorn were lolol.  
This of course was from late summer as the ground was drying a bit from the overly wet year we had (are having).  At the moment, it is snowing at the Bliss Dinosaur Ranch.  Fall really was only on a Tuesday this year.  Oct 1 all things turned winter and it really hasn’t looked back very much.  We had a FEW days in the 60’s in October but it’s been VERY early coming winter has. 
I digress again:… 
I saw this down on Trail Creek Road, slowed down and stopped.  None of them were really giving me much mind as their interaction was so intense.   You could feel the adrenaline in the deer.    The antelope were acting a little like border collies or a good cutting quarter horse at times.  
Remember I’m mixing in many previous portfolio  images all this winter with my current work flow.  

Location: A few miles south of the Bliss Dinosaur Ranch, Wyoming/Montana borderlands.  (snowy now). 
Title: Deer With Pronghorn Bookends