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Sun Keeps Getting Stuck

Sun Keeps Getting Stuck
Sun Keeps Getting Stuck

Good Gloomy Friday morning from the Bliss Dinosaur Ranch. 

This image is from Wednesday night…..That sun keeps getting stuck between those hills. Makes for a bumpy ride….. 

🙂 Those images in a few days perhaps…. 

What am I doing today??

9 more images to post HERE alone…., 20 or more forum posts and a rainy day that I don’t want to go ouside because of my allergies…….Humm, I wonder what I’m doing until about noon or later…. I’ve got hundreds of images to finish sitting around getting older. Right now I’m ABOUT 2 days behind for “current” images and others might be from earlier summer as I try to make a dent in my “To Do” pile. 

We are SLOWLY building a website…..