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Pronghorn Woman’s Club on Yonder Ridge Line

Pronghorn Woman's Club on Yonder Ridge Line
Pronghorn Woman's Club on the Ridge Line

These 5 pronghorn were having a Ladies club meeting up on yonder ridge line. From my vantage point and just reading lips, they certainly were covering diverse and world important subjects. It’s my interpretation of “Pronghorneese” lip reading that I’m not entirely trusting just yet.🤔
There is actually a lot of communicating going on right here between a mom and her yearling who was lagging behind.🤣

This is beautiful country up here in the borderlands of Montana/Wyoming anyway but accentuated by the sun being low and the shadows long. The rolling hills and parallel ridges cascading lower each mile carved by the Little Powder River hundreds of feed and miles across the landscape. 180 mile horizon to horizon skies are seen from the ridge just above my place. 👁👁

I often find groups of Pronghorn “running” ridges as their highway to where ever they are going. (Like the grass is better there than here. lolol). Native Americans tended to walk ridge lines along the “military crest” of a hill (google look up) so they weren’t back lit at the normal crest by the sky. It’s easy to see movement so “ridge lining” anything photographically is difficult. Animals instinctively stay off of ridge tops and won’t linger long there. Usually they are traveling between water and pasture they prefer. .

Location: Bliss DInosaur Ranch, Wyoming/Montana borderlands.

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