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One Legged Meadowlark Singing in the Snow

One Legged Meadowlark Singing in the Snow
Meadowlark Singing in the Snow

This One Legged Meadowlark is singing while it’s snowing. I actually took this same birds photo way earlier in the summer not 100 feet from this capture on a main electric wire. It’s the same one legged bird for sure about seen about 3 months apart.

All the Meadowlarks were having a tough time finding a place to land. Every available perch was taken as the ground had 4 inches of wet snow on it and these guys need to migrate for the winter. They are gathering into small groups.

That wire he’s on is a 9Kvolt Stock electric fence wire . He standing on an insulator not an inch from that wire. The rebar that holds the insulator is effectively grounded so anything that touches that wire AND the rebar at the same time would get a wake up call. (He’d survive it but he wouldn’t like it). Good thing he only has one foot because a bird with 2 feet might easily complete that circuit lolol.

Location: Bliss DInosaur Ranch, Wyoming/Montana borderlands.