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Mirror Mirror #2 Blues

Mirror Mirror #2 Blues
Mirror Mirror #2 Blues

Good Early Tuesday Morning.. Mirror Mirror @2 Blues came into being when I look at an image of 1/2 a sunset, I mirror it in my mind to see the results. This one looked promising. Indeed!!
The “Totem Pole” (as I call it) up the center of the image will have ALL SORTS of faces and figures. The Bear above the horizon stands out “BIGGLY” to me lolol. 3 ducks below lol.
This Art is built off the left 1/4 of the image being mirrored to the right, melted together then both were mirrored up and down to complete the effect. The colors are true to the event. Nothing messes with them.

I’m seeing a lot more purple in late nights this summer than previous I thinkā€¦.

Have a great day all and be safe in what you do.

Location; Bliss Dinosaur Ranch, Wyoming/Montana borderlands.