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Looking Through Fog Knowing What To Expect

Looking Through Fog Knowing What To Expect
Looking Through Fog Knowing What To Expect


Patience with the Bliss Photographic web page project I’m up to my neck in…., a commercial gallery website is not something you can just plug and play…. it’s a really huge weeks long ordeal of testing and fixing…. I’m going to be very rarely posting on forums over the next few weeks AT all. I might hit a couple of big ones to let them know that I’m not dead or something… (Suddenly stop posting after years of posting literally every day). 

Taken yesterday morning…..

Putting up a commercial website is like looking through fog knowing what to expect but no one piece of software is capable of doing everything you want. My web master is already writing code to do little subroutines within the master software. Massive work. It must be like giving birth to a baby. Similarly I need an epidural for the pain in our ass 


The way I actually process images has changed in huge ways just in the last few days to facilitate easy use with this system. It’s slowing me down considerably building images. I will get fast at the changes in my process eventually doing them subconsciously. Last year, it took me 82 clicks once an image was done to save it in 3 different places in 2 different sizes. I got that down to about 10, but now it’s dozens of more steps (not to just save) but the rubric change is enormous to how I work in the digital dark room.