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Listen Up Girls

Listen Up Girls
Listen Up Girls

“Listen Up Girls” as I’ve got a plan to get those deer.

You see the buck was tired of the deer eating up all his favorite tasty morsels. He has these gals convinced he is the know all save all stud that he portrays himself to be. He obviously has all their attention and is giving them some relevant/important tidbit of Pronghorn information. The crowd is in awe of his wisdom and obvious magnificence.😎

Well that’s what he thinks anyway lolol. I’m sort of the idea that he does have them bamboozled certainly. How else could he get ALL their attention. So here I am sitting 200 yards out in my Jeep not moving, they are all looking to him as to what to do. He is annoyed as he was eating and now these girls want a decision. Boy having that many “wives” would be one decision after another lololol 😜

This group eventually moved out as the male, though forced by the group into changing what he was doing (eating).. He just thinks he’s in charge. If all of them ran past him, he might just stay there because he’s too lazy and secure in his powers. Overconfidence is a fault in a prey animal that evolved to be the fastest land animal in North America… I suspect more than a few bucks have been taken out by that overconfident attitude. I’ve seen them strut around like they own the place. I’ve also seen them lazy enough to ignore threat. Quite a contradiction.

Location: Bliss DInosaur Ranch, Wyoming/Montana borderlands.

Title: Listen Up Girls