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Hardest To Get Moon Shot

Hardest To Get Moon Shot
Hardest To Get Moon Shot

This is certainly one of the hardest to get moon shots I’ve ever managed to tweek out. Over an hour after sunset in Astronomic twilight.

I’m surprised no stars were in this but the residual alpenglow diffuse light here made way brighter with the technology, bringing out detail of the ridges. 

The moon here looks huge over the previous photo from the atmospheric lens effects that occur. That is still only a 3.2 percent moon….. Taken last night. 

Photographers notes: 

I could BARELY see where it was setting with the naked eye (well they were itching and watering at the time). Literally pointing my cameras with a compass which got me on it with just the right tweeks on the camera dials… 5 second time exposure, it was VERY high ISO, took me an hour to smooth out all the noise from the light amplification that it took to get this pretty rare capture…. this was the scene as I saw it if I had the night vision of a cat…… To me, just to see ridge lines under these lighting conditions is INCREDIBLE. These Sony Alpha Cameras have problems but there is nothing wrong with their ability to work low light..