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Double X Golden Hour

Double X Golden Hour
Double X Golden Hour

Double X Golden Hour is filed under “Things I see traveling the backcountry”.

I drive many miles of two track roads up here in the borderlands. I see patterns rather easily and noticed this on the way past a nice long stand of Cottonwood Trees. Cottonwoods tend to grow where it is wet. They can be a clue to find water.

As a wood goes, Cotton wood is sort of a weed. It is used for shipping crates, pallets, along with other cheap wood products. It’s too wet, rots quickly and splits terribly. These attributes keep it from being a good firewood. The 3 species of Cottonwood trees are huge, growing 50 up to 160 feet high. I’ve never burned it but I understand it stinks and is very prone to creosote up your chimney . It does grow VERY fast and sucks water out of ponds. They tend to be weedy on dams locally. They stabilize the dam but they also suck up the water growing quickly in the moist conditions.

The sky show ongoing around and behind the X’s was pretty impressive that night. The color back there is actually the grassland behind the trees being out of focus (bokeh). This golden hour was living up to it’s name through out it’s extant that evening. This was taken later in the autumn. By then, the Cottonwoods have lost all their leaves after a few hard freezes.

Location: Bliss DInosaur Ranch, Wyoming/Montana borderlands (Wyotana)

Title: Double X Golden Hour