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Descending Distorted April Moon on the “Red Hills”

Descending Distorted April Moon on the "Red Hills"
Descending Distorted December Moon on the "Red Hills"

Late April Snows, green grass with a decending Full April Moon is highly distorted (squashed) by the hundreds of miles of atmospheric “lens” the light is traveling through.

The pink color of the sky is a full blown “Belt of Venus” variety of alpenglow (reflective ice in the air). The alpenglow also acts as a filter reducing the clarity of the moons image. The Light just touching the mountain tops show this was taken RIGHT at sunrise/moonset.

The far ridge is 40 miles out and the closer one (with the green grass) about 10 miles out. 2400 mm telephoto and not a crop. Full sized image.

I will be posting some out of season images for a while mixed with current new work flow images for the next few months at a minimum lol.

Location: Bliss DInosaur Ranch, Wyoming/Montana borderlands.