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Cowgirl Watering Hot Mastiff

Cowgirl Watering Hot Mastiff
Cowgirl Watering Hot Mastiff

Cowgirl Watering Hot Mastiff

(Summer Alpenglow)

This 220 pound King Corso Mastiff is one of 3 Mastiff’s of 2 different breeds living in our ranch compound with us currently. (Along with my nephews tiny poodle mix lolol). Nothing like a cool bath after the last run of the day. Give the short haired dogs a few minutes to dry in the summer air and off to bed. Living with mastiffs has it’s big rewards with just a few detractions.

The Drool Thing:

As a rancher wearing ranch cloths, I don’t mind so much the drool issue.. If you’ve never been around Mastiffs that were bred by the Romans for war (not table manners), you haven’t experienced living with a salivating horse before. Generally they are clean enough for dogs but the strings of drool are impressive. I should have waited until after he drank to show the foot long strings that occur after eating or drinking. I bet there are some patentable characteristics for the sticky, stringy properties of Mastiff Drool.

So I’m sitting in my computer chair working while my wife is feeding the mastiffs. (they eat outside but we hand feed them meat rolls about a pound each. ). She let the dogs right in and the first thing the big one does is come over laying his head on my arm. I almost had to take a shower lololol. The command is now, “Wipey Wipe” after feeding BEFORE the dogs come back in. They don’t like their face wiped but they let us do it lol.

Computer Musings:

I ran across this image recently during a photo-finishing binge searching in some of the various places I’ve stashed images over the years. Most of my older material I keep off line preventing instant access. These images are stored in several separate external drives kept turned off . There fore they are no directly connected to my machine 24/7. (Safe storage). I pull “piles of files” out to work on for a few days from that source. They are all images from the past I’ve taken over the years. This was from 2018.

Note: I also keep old image backups off site in case my house burns down. I’m not loosing a lifetime of work, no way :). Everyone should practice this with their computer data if you have ANYTHING worth worrying about. It’s the end of a year, this is a good time for a backup. Give a portable hard drive for a gift to yourself, backup your machine.

Location: in our compound, Bliss Dinosaur Ranch, Wyoming/Montana borderlands.

Title: Cowgirl Watering Hot Mastiff