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Buck Watching a Veiled Sunset

Buck Watching a Veiled Sunset
Buck Watching a Veiled Sunset

This Mule Deer Buck was definitely watching this Veiled Sunset.

I find linking up deer with the moon (harder) and or the sun to be a challenge of finding the right topography that enables me to “work” the scene. In this case (all hand held camera shots walking across backcountry grassy, yucca, rocky terrain), moving as the deer and the sun moves. 800mm telephoto. I worked this deer and his partner (off frame for this capture) for about 20 minutes which is about 400 clicks or so with several cameras ….Forever in my world….

The hard part is getting them to “look up” between bites when I’m about 300 yards away on a parallel ridge and they are used to me being on the prairie with a noisy ATV. He really was watching that sunset. I’ve seen them do it many times.

I was lucky enough to wander into this kind of deer versus sun on a ridge 4 times last year and only once this year so far. Hit or miss on deer habits…..

Location: Bliss DInosaur Ranch, Wyoming/Montana borderlands.

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