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Barring Disaster and Tech Allowing

Barring Disaster and Tech Allowing
Barring Disaster and Tech Allowing


Going pro…..

We are indeed (barring disaster and tech allowing), I should be live selling a variety of photographic products based on images I’ve taken shortly . 

The website is under construction……We will take paypal.. from unframed to totally framed, delivered to your door ready to hang. 

Give us a bit to get it up and going and working….. It’s all test mode for the next month or 6 weeks but we’re close. It’s going to take a “while” once it’s all up and running to get the pile uploaded for sale. 

I’ll keep you informed here. The way I interface with you here will change. I ‘m not sure how yet but I will not be working ONLY in FB but in about a dozen social media platforms taking my exposure to over 10 times what I do now with less work (I’m told). . I will still note responses probably right here on FB but through another program I suspect. . 

Ideally this will work and our pricing will suit any budget from posters for the dorm room, puzzles of images , canvass prints, glass perhaps, working on metal prints etc etc etc…all the way to fully matted gold framed Living room prints… Stay tuned 


AGAIN, THIS IS EARLY IN THAT PROCESS but it’s in the works….. 

Enjoy +++

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