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An Orb Spider

An Orb Spider
An Orb Spider

I believe this is an ORB spider. One of my sharp as heck eyed guests spotted this guy while I was driving maybe 15mph on a smooth stretch of two track. The Entomologist had already gone home 


This guy was suspended between two Yucca fronds….. What was to follow was an amazing encounter as a grasshopper disturbed by our approach jumped from us (the frying pan), into it’s web (fire). This bad a** fellow took about 30 seconds to trap and condition his prey. 

(Think Lord of the Rings….. BIG spider bites Bilbo Baggins and wraps him up for the pantry except Sam wasn’t there….. Just some jerk with a camera 

🙂 (actually all three of us were on cameras at the time lolol.). 

More images to come….. WAY CLOSE INTO THE ACTION