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1/2 an Hour Before Sunrise

1/2 an Hour Before Sunrise
1/2 an Hour Before Sunrise

Good Monday Morning about 1/2 an hour before sunrise.

This image of the Photobombing “Sneaky Pete” the Windmill jumping into my lightning shot. (Fast huh? ) That guy has no sense being out in a dangerous storm like that being metal and all….. I have no control over his actions……. 🤔🤔😲😲😲😲

I still have two guests digging for fossils. We had a “pretty good” dig this weekend. But…….I had to move dry dirt over the site to work the dig though. Thank heavens for diesel fuel… 

I will still be in the field today and hopefully will get SOME limited images on later today. Tomorrow I’ll be slow getting on with the clean up then back at em? 

I have lots of clean up (branches broken things by REALLY high wind….more than even we are used to) to do after the big blow the other night that came through with one of these Mesocyclones that are hanging around up here this august lolol 

Have a great day all….. Be safe in what you do.